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Single bunk, double bunk & double beds.

Our accommodations boast a diverse range of private rooms with separate dormitories for males and females, all varying in size and layout, offering a selection of double beds as well as single and double bunk beds. These bunk beds are crafted with a robust, contemporary aesthetic, ensuring both comfort and privacy are prioritized for our guests’ ultimate satisfaction.Our single bunk bed comprises of two units designed to accommodate two individual sleepers, one positioned below the other.

In contrast, a double bunk bed also consists of two units, offering flexibility to accommodate either individuals or two people sharing, positioned either above or below each other. The unit cost for a double bed remains the same, irrespective whether it is single or double occupation.

Room E

Single Bunk bed.

R330.00 per single bed per night

Suitable for single occupation.

Double Bunk bed.

R440.00 per double bed per night

Suitable for single occupation or two people sharing.

Please Contact our Front Desk for Group & Family orientated Bookings.

For Beds Inn Group & Family bookings

Our general pricing structure is cost per unit or bed. However, our innovative accommodation is thoughtfully designed to cater to travellers, couples, tourists, families, large groups, and backpackers alike. Offering a range of options including private rooms, family rooms, and male and female dormitories, each space is outfitted with custom-designed single or double bunk beds, ensuring individuals or couples enjoy maximum comfort and privacy. Contact our front desk for any such special arrangements.